So many we...

So many websites feel like dumping grounds for every last scrap of possible content, with little regard that we’re actually proposing someone should read what’s being said, let alone care about it. Like a gentleman in a finely crafted suit who wants to burp you the alphabet, even if your website looks nice, no one will stick around to hear what you have to say if you don’t craft something compelling.

From Jason Santa Maria’s Elements of Content Strategy

Yep, compelling is the aim. But we do visit the other kind of website too. Maybe not for every last scrap of possible content, but for some of it we do visit such websites. This is a category of websites you would check very often; like with a newspaper where you pick out the content you want to read.

I guess every theme becoming so weblog-like and every website becoming subscription-centric is a partial explanation for this. Maybe like Shawn Blanc experiments with his weblog-style site, we too should analyze what we want our websites or weblogs to be in front of our audience. I would love for websites to deliver content as though it were part of an exquisite exhibition, but it may not always be possible.