Perspectives, not resolutions.

Frustrations are motivating. People have to be better than me. I have to have the relentless need to reach beyond the level and lives of the people that make it seem like I am miles away from my goals. I have to be able to begin new sentences on a different note, as I end one with a period. The need to do better, be better. Invigorating, challenging, and enlightening.

To be able to try, fail, and still say you have nothing to lose. You experiment some more and get better at certain specific things. To spend years thinking as being on the right path; when all that path really is, is something set out by general and mostly artificial expectations of the combination of peer pressure and our need to see ourselves succeed in the same way as others we have seen before us. There is nothing novel in taking the road less travelled and the path less trodden. But it is disconcerting to not have your own perspective about how that path might affect you.

Have brain, use well. Do something that affects you in a powerful way. Create rules that help you understand what freedom means to you in your world. Know that limitations are but constraints that help you understand how you can shine. Have perspectives, let them evolve and drive change around them.