Boring December

December has been as boring as ever, with all of us at school getting our results of the second terminals. I don’t know whether the never ending tuitions that I attend are of much help but they certainly seem to help me pass my time. The subject which I actually enjoyed studying is Chemistry. That didn’t help me get any marks though. A bare pass-mark in my theory paper. And 10 marks less than what I expected in my Chemistry practicals.

Sheesh! Well, there’s always a next time, is what I keep saying to console myself. Haven’t learnt much this month both at school and home. Having to march in school for the rehearsal of our school’s annual sports meet is not that very enjoyable. I actually think it is a waste of time as I feel I could use that time instead to play FIFA 2006 and see Van Nistelrooy’s celebration video after each beautiful goal in the game.

Now we have the vacations only 1.5 weeks away, and what am I planning to do? Better not say much, as my plans never stay as scheduled, they change by the second.