I don't need more time. I need paper.

I was writing my Software Engineering exam and had some 18 marks worth of questions that I had to answer in the last 15 minutes. As I was writing the answer to one of those questions and trying to fit as many words as I could on the last line of the sheet I was writing on, I requested the invigilator to hand me a few more sheets. His immediate response was - दो मिनट रह गये हैं. मैं नहीं दे रहा तुम्हे शीट! टैग करके निकल जाओ रूम से!

As I was arguing politely about having enough time to complete the rest of my paper, the female invigilator shrieked to say - चुप हो जाओ! ज्यादा मत बोलो! अपना पेपर करो. Their arrogant behaviour was annoying. Just so that they would stop ignoring me, I raised my voice and asked them where I could find the examination coordinator. The moment I did that, I saw their attitude change completely as they helped me tag the supplementary sheet they threw at me. But it was a little too late because I was forced to submit my answer script a minute after I got a chance to complete writing what I wanted to.

Throughout the exam, they kept creating scenes targeting several other students who were doing their work silently. A girl who picked up a question paper to hand it back to the student who had dropped it was asked to leave the hall. A guy who picked up his own paper was asked to empty his pockets as they suspected that he was surreptitiously carrying notes to aid his own memory. As all this was happening, I could see everybody having a whale of a time discussing answers. This is exactly what they(the invigilators) were supposed to stop. They were being irresponsible and I know I’m not the only one who has a problem accepting their atrocious behaviour.