By the time I reached 12th grade at Mount St. Mary’s I was lucky enough to have interacted with everybody in my batch. I joined MSM in 1st grade when my dad was posted back to Delhi from Gujarat. I made many friends in those 12 years that I spent schooling but have, sadly, lost touch with most of them after I joined college.

Suraj called me and a whole lot of others yesterday and asked us whether we could meet just to chitchat like we used to. So it was decided and all of us were going to meet at Connaught Place today. I took the 520 from my local bus stand this morning thinking I’d be meeting 5-6 friends and spending some time walking down memory lane. When I reached CP, I made a few calls and found out that I wasn’t going to meet anyone other than Suraj today. All of a sudden, I was feeling very awkward. You get a hundred friend requests from people who want to connect with you through social networks online and the same people want to ignore your physical existence. It’s possible that I was reserved and that I usually minded my own business when I was in school but never have I remained incommunicado like some of the people who did not turn up today.

Anyway, I was happy to meet Suraj and talk about life at school and college. Suraj is currently involved in a project where they are trying to create an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV). Spending the whole day in the college labs must be fun. I know we try to have whatever little fun we can have in the Cluster Lab while we try our best to remain productive but what we have always lacked, unlike Suraj and his team, is a sense of achievement. We have too many things going on for us to concentrate on one single thing. We have a 40-hour spoon feeding process that goes on throughout the semester for every subject we study. Then we have this ridiculous 85% attendance requirement. That depresses me because when I finally get my degree I would have learned very little on my own. Usually when students complete their undergraduate studies, they develop an interest in some field of the science they’ve been working on as part of a project or as part of some research work. I have a year left but I still don’t know what I should be focusing on. I realize that I have to stop living in the moment and plan in advance while I think about my future. What’s odd is that even though I realized this long back I have never felt like doing anything about it.