India doesn’t have enough teachers and professors. We have been lucky to have some of the better teachers as part of the faculty in our college. To make us feel the deficiency of such good lecturers the government is trying to force institutions such as ours to follow the quota system.

There are two categories of lecturers/teachers: temporary and permanent. In any college, a temporary lecturer is appointed first, then they subsequently become permanent. Now in this short period when certain teachers are not permanent, the college is asked to follow the quota system thus having to give space for the not-as-capable OBC teachers. This in turn, makes it impossible for temporary lecturers to continue as permanent college teaching staff.

Mrs. Rakhi Saxena who has been teaching us Java Programming, Discrete Structures, Data Structures and Algorithms is leaving our college for this very reason. I don’t think we can and I don’t think we should stop her from leaving because she probably has better places to go. She might be the best teacher we have had so far but I think it’s better for her to take up a better appointment now rather than when she is replaced by a teacher who is far from being close to as brilliant she has been.

Sad state of affairs. Our college is now part of the Other Backward Colleges Group that the government is trying to ensure every other college is part of.