Scratches Ugh!

I’ve been cursing myself for wearing a watch the last two days because the damage has been done today. I usually had to take out my phone to see the time whenever I had to, and so I started wearing my watch since yesterday.

In a reclined state when I thought someone had just called me, I brushed my watch against the MacBook Pro while getting up but did not realize what I had done till I had returned. The damage is very minor but I feel bad because I know and can see that the scratch is there, at a place only I would bother to notice. It isn’t even visible in the dark while I am typing right now. Anyway, I’ll have to treat my MacBook Pro as a survivor of war with those scratches being scars of proof.

Only now I realize the pain one goes through when their car gets dented. When my parents’ car got dented, sure I got angry at the person who hit us but I forgot about it a little while later. The suffering is caused only when you go through something other go through all the time yourself.

I wonder whether scratching it further would give it some uniformity like modern graffiti might and maybe the existing scratch some company at times of loneliness.