Data Structures

Have my Data Structures paper tomorrow today. Am slightly terrified. Not because I don’t know anything. Actually I know a lot more than I expected. I’m terrified because a lot of code we’ve done this semester is redundant as I have realized in the past two days and I don’t know whether I should write the code from the Drozdek book(the wrong one) or the code that I’ve compiled so that I may get those numbers. I’ve posted fixes for some code below. I couldn’t get the time to post a lot more that I compiled succesfully on XCode, which is actually as intuitive as Terminal programming.

If I feel up to it after coming back from the Arts’ Faculty today, I’ll get down to posting the near-perfect Binary Search Tree program I built that I’ve been unable to find so far in any book I’ve referred to. All that data structures has definitely improved my programming.

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