Annual Day in college today, Kiran Bedi was the chief guest. Nothing very interesting, probably because I wasn’t on the list of people getting awards for doing random things. Now, I’m all for having things planned. Just cannot do random things like scoring the highest in class.

While people were getting awarded, we were extremely bored. Being bored is as bad as being idle. Being idle is something I’m not used to, so I started off a discussion about whether all the new things that were popping up in this relatively young college of ours were being effectively used. I’m not sure about other colleges, and I don’t know whether I’m the only one who finds this weird but whenever girls go to places, they do so in groups as though they’re scared of getting raped if they go alone. Now since they’re obviously not going there together because they’re scared they probably need to do something they cannot do together in public. The common room they visit isn’t like a common room of Hogwarts. It’s only as big as 2 cubicles in an office space, which is really really small. If you put 10 people in there, it will look as full as a blue line bus does at 10AM in the morning. And you can see girls going in all the time, which means it’s probably being used more effectively than any other room in college. And if so, there’s something interesting that happens there. This is the point when I was asked to shut up.

After being to a boys’ school, I’m used to speaking on any topic almost as freely as one can. I am not used to hearing people tell me to stop being so open. Censorship = Bad. Besides, I don’t want to look like an introvert. It’s bad to tell me to shut up. It’s outrageous. I’ll talk now.