Sankalan 2008

Been too busy with college, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve opened my web browser. It may sound stupid now, specially when I say it, but I actually find myself spending quite some time with my books. With my mid semester exams this month, it’s been quite hectic planning my schedule to include everything I consider important and there’s certainly been no place for blogging.

We went to North Campus the previous Saturday and Sunday to participate in Sankalan 2008, which is organised by the Department of CompSc, DU. Participated in Spin a Web, was selected in the top 6(from 72 entries), but we went no further. We really need to improve our presentation skills. A group from IIC had done nothing extra-ordinary but walked away with the first prize easily just because of the way the female in their group spoke. All the three winners had included a website registration with an admin page just to show a little and SQL Server magic and I guess design wasn’t what this event was about.

This was the first time we officially represented our college. The conference centre where the event was held is one awesome place, really neat. Now this is the first time we’ve actually participated in an event of this scale, so we weren’t really unhappy. Back to our college schedules since Monday. Internal assessment, it’s troubled us in school, and it continues troubling us in college as well. We had a surprise CSA test in class today, but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. We were informed that we are going to have a Data Structures paper sometime this week for internal assessment, which will most likely be tomorrow. Just love college, need to study to remain there.