Firefox 3 Beta 2 for OS X

I installed Firefox 3 Beta 1 on Tiger and after upgrading to Leopard it’s mostly been sitting idle on my dock because of how slowly it responds when compared to how it used to work on Tiger. I’m currently sitting in Chennai, with nothing much to do so I decided to play around with what’s installed on my computer. I opened Firefox to be informed that an update was ready to be installed. Updated to Beta 2 of Firefox 3 to be greeted by a snappier, more stable web browser.

The first thing I noticed with this update was how fast Firefox starts. A single dock bounce. Almost an instantaneous launch.

Since I have not talked about Firefox 3 before, I’ll list what I really like about the browser:

The visual refresh is the most notable change as Firefox tries it’s best to match the look of the operating system you are using. The browser is very stable, even though Mozilla states it isn’t quite ready for public consumption.