Things I hate about the Leopard Dock

Live Previews The Leopard dock brings with it changes that are far from good. Given an option, I would have chosen to use the Tiger dock instead of what Leopard offers. The dock no longer supports Live Previews of minimized windows which is really painful. When I did a Google Search, I saw that most people prefer not to minimize their windows now that Leopard has the Spaces application. I’ll obviously take some time to adjust and do not like this change made in the dock. Live previews of minimized applications were something I used to show off to friends in Tiger. It was something you did not have in Windows XP. Now, Vista supports live previews while Leopard doesn’t.

3D Dock It may look good but the new translucent 3D reflective dock reduces visibility when compared to the transparent dock that Tiger used. Good looks, but less screen space. The triangle application markers on the Tiger dock are also something I miss with the current release of OS X.

Dock Folder Icons Layers of icons. Fugly! A simple fix.