First glass of champagne

After a month of studying and running around to friends’ places, wasting time, money and energy photocopying stuff, and appearing in what seemed to be the shortest examinations I’ve ever written, my first semester exams ended today.

When I came out of my examination hall today, I felt really weird. Walking out of the Faculty of Arts, where our examination centre was, I was thinking about how time had gone by so quickly. Our group of nine people, somehow adjusted in a Maruti Omni and travelled to and from North Campus. The ride in the Omni on each of the five days was fun even though adjusting ourselves was a painful task.

Writing my first set of exams in Delhi University was a great experience. The exams were neither good nor bad, neither short nor lengthy, the papers were not very difficult but the course content is vast for last minute study. One mistake I’ve made in the first semester is not being regular and bunking classes in the beginning of the semester to go out for movies with school friends.

I came home at around 7:20PM today to see my whole family ready to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday. As a surprise, my dad’s college friends were invited for the party which was initially meant to celebrated only with my close relatives. Pizza, pasta, lasagna and Birthday cake was enough to keep the kids happy while the adults(including young adults like me) were enjoying champagne and cheering for dad.

I also learnt to say “I don’t mind having some more, if you insist”. It’s the best way to ask for something that is no longer available in plenty, like when I went for a second glass of champagne. Now that the champagne and pasta are over, it’s time to take some group photographs.