Google Apps Storage

Now that Google has started the counters on Google Apps just like on Gmail, I can make my email address my primary mail account. Even though I knew I wouldn’t run out of space easily, there’s always a strange feeling when you see you’re using 50% of the quota you get. That strange feeling is still there, and will probably continue till Gmail follows Yahoo and removes all caps(I dont think it’s happening though, they’ll increase storage to 100GB but will not remove the caps).

Talking about Yahoo Mail, it’s interface has certainly improved from when I last used it although the little sms app is still buggy(maybe just on Safari, I have no idea). I have no interest in shifting to Yahoo because of three reasons, there’s no way I can import all my mail from my Gmail inbox to my Yahoo account, there’s no POP3/IMAP4(I’m not a webmail person) and the procedure involved(informing people, getting used to something new) is quite a pain.

And since my phone supports IMAP4, I can access all my Gmail( everywhere I go with ease.

Windows Live Mail for Domains hasn’t really matured. I’ve been using it on and it’s as though Microsoft has lost interest. There’s no innovation. Windows Live Hotmail was Microsoft’s desperate attempt to show that they know AJAX, and there’s something that’s still missing when it’s compared to the pre-Windows Live version of Hotmail. Even with all the AJAX it doesn’t feel like a web app, if you’ve used Gmail and Yahoo Mail. I know people who refused to switch from Hotmail when Google started offering 1GB of storage and Hotmail was stuck at 4MB. They just loved the Hotmail interface. And for them storage wasn’t important. The current Hotmail has made them switch. Again, storage wasn’t the driving factor.