Innovision 07 Day 1

We reached the NSIT campus at 10:00 AM, expecting registrations to start then. They informed us that the registrations would take place at the time of the event, so that basically meant we had to wait till 12:30 for their debugging event.

We went around the campus for sometime, and really thought we were in a different world. The campus is huge, to say the least and really well maintained. The canteen, was quite decent. There was a slight mess because there was coke on the floor, but otherwise it was great. I thought food at our canteen was cheap, but the stuff here was even cheaper. By now we were only thinking of what we don’t have at college.

So after poking our noses everywhere we reached the registration desk at 12:00, where we were told that the debugging event had been postponed to day 3. We also silently noted the change in the schedule where the English GD had been replaced with the Hindi GD, so that really put us off.

We hadn’t really prepared for any event, but wanted to participate in something for coming all the way to Dwarka. We went to show off our managerial skills only to find out that it involved speaking about the stock exchange and using corporate jargon. I didn’t even go for the MCQ round, because I knew if I qualified to the next round I would be making a fool of myself.

So a very un-eventful day. I can look at today as no more than a useless field trip. NSIT was great, it was refreshing to see how students were working freely with no professors around. The hand-made posters looked much better than the printed ones somehow, and the thing is there were hundreds of them all over the place which in a way helped create an ideal atmosphere with the sad part being there was nothing to do today. Had it not been for Innovision, I would have never gone to NSIT…and that’s the reason I’m really not upset about what happened today.