Suggestions are taboo

It’s really weird that the professors think we’re trying to act smart when we try giving suggestions for the general improvement of the surroundings or the general working of the college. Apart from that, when it comes from students in the first semester they think it’s a crime for which they cannot be forgiven by any means.

Saturdays were never working in school and as I said earlier they shouldn’t be working in College. Specially when all that is there is a couple of periods. Our English teacher refuses to come to college on Saturdays(and Saturdays specifically) because she’s always got an ache in a different part of her body on each of those Saturdays. We’re waiting, because she’s running out of body parts. So basically, that “couple of periods” is just two periods.

When we went to talk to the teacher who takes those two periods and asked her to reschedule the classes on some other day of the week, she turns to some teacher who’ll be teaching us in the 5th semester and says: “They’re students of the first semester!”. WTF is that supposed to mean? And we get the usual blank expression she gives to students whom she wants to throw out of the class.

At the time of admission the principal created this big fanfare about a suggestion box outside her office where she reads all notes given by students who are not anonymous. After they renovated the office, it seems as though they got rid of it because of a poor contrast of colours. I’m waiting for it to come back. Probably made of aluminum in an all new design.

The one professor who really listens to students is in the physics department. I’ve still not found time to show him a mockup of the ANDC site. There’s no competition really, no one seems to have heard of CSS in my college. I think I’ll just put up Joomla with one of the hundreds of great themes you can find on the internet. I really don’t have time to develop a CMS, already I can’t find time to complete the blog engine I had started to develop for myself.