Went to my cousin’s place after college. My cousin’s currently in 7th Grade at DPS VK and he had these doubts that he wanted to ask me for some Computer Science exam he has tomorrow. When he began by asking me stuff about Javascript for a slight moment I was in shock. I confirmed that it was part of his syllabus by looking at the DPS workbook that was distributed in his class.

Introducing Javascript at such an early stage is cool. I really think that’s how it should be in all schools. Unfortunately, most schools concentrate too much on what the CBSE places on their desks. DPS VK is certainly not one of them.

In college the state is the other way round, studies are the be all and end all of everything. The schedule of the average student at ANDC includes 5 hours of self-study everyday. That’s quite funny because there’s no research involved and what has to be done at home is covered at college itself. There’s really no difference between college and school. The teachers may be friendlier but the atmosphere has not changed. The semester system we follow is flawed, to be frank. There’s too much to be covered in very less time.

Anyway, I’m waiting for my exams to start as I want to get over with them fast. A long awaited break of 15 days follows.