Too many expectations from Apple?

When Steve Jobs said the iPhone interface is actually OS X, I felt it was far fetched. It’s really stupid to even suggest something like this. If so, why can’t have all the functionality OS X gives us on computers. Why limit development and allow only “Web 2.0” applications on the iPhone? Security issues? If Palm could do it, so can Apple.

Safari is the only thing on the iPhone which partly looked like it does on a Mac. I can’t download elements on web pages, look at source code or do what a regular browser does. When Apple says it’s the best mobile browser, I couldn’t disagree. But calling it Safari is weird because it doesn’t give me the functionality I expected. Look at Opera Mini, they’ve really worked on the browser and it’s really the next best thing to Safari on the iPhone and is compatible with many phones(including my crappy 6030).

When I used the Palm LifeDrive, Blazer felt like heaven and what I expected was just there. I could just save images on web pages into the my photo library or download an mp3 from a website with ease. With the iPhone all that is missing. The browser is liked a locked environment, you cannot take things in and out of the browser which is kind of sad. OfficeToGo let me edit all the documents I download and work with them like I would do on a computer. I expected this from Apple.

Multi-touch and Safari are the two biggest selling-factors of the iPhone and iPod touch as far as I think. Apple has sold many songs through iTunes but the ratio of iPods sold: Songs sold would be quite high. So I think the iTunes WiFi Music Store will be useful only to some. For people in India the service is useless. I feel like ordering iPod touch right now just to be able to use the Safari app. The Mail app isn’t useful for most people since webmail has evolved but being able to store attachments in a separate section on the iPhone is what users want really badly.

I think Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch has to evolve. Also the hideous black portion at the back of the iPod touch which acts like an antenna needs to be removed. If the iPhone could do without it, so can the iPod. The concept of copy and paste is missing on the iPhone. Cover Flow is quite a useless feature when you want to search for something, the effects are cool but doesn’t simplify any process. Browsing by categories is much simpler. As of now, I wouldn’t think the iPhone has something even close to Mac OS. I’m surprised by the number of application crashes people have blogged about, this device hasn’t been tested like all others.