Cramster, Mano and Herbert Schildt

Had to submit my Digital Electronics assignments today. It’s really difficult to do 90 questions in an hour, so I opened looked for Digital Design 3rd Edition by Mano, and started copying all the answers. I had completed just 27 questions in an hour and it was time to leave for college.

When you start for college an hour early(thanks to the clock on my phone), you expect to be the first one there. Well, I wasn’t. There were a whole lot of people with copies of Ajaz’s(who currently happens to be the only one who gets full scores on all part tests) work. Reyaz(his twin brother) is another one of those prodigies like Suraj in school. Misses all classes for inter-college football match practice and still manages to complete all work on time. 120% efficiency and studies for something close to 24 hours a day.

Now even though this guy completed all his work, he accepted my humble request to try convincing our teacher to extend the deadline for submission. Does anyone feel like saying no to such an innocent being? Never, and now it’s submission time on Monday. Some people like Mukul felt really upset that all the work they did to complete his work on time didn’t really help them. I can never feel upset, because I always submit my work a day late without being noticed.

Apart from wasting an hour and a half in the Electronics class, we finished packages and interfaces in Java. Then the test we were supposed to have today was canceled today after a large majority of the class said they hadn’t studied. They cannot blame us, god did not make Saturdays for studies. Saturday is movie time.

After the Chapter 9 was over today, we were reminded that our Java classes will be over in a few more hours(periods). Now that I’ve come home, I think I should put my copy of J2 Complete Reference by Schildt up on eBay. I have not opened a page yet, and we’ve already almost finished the syllabus. The book is really good but who’s got the time to read it? That’s one lesson I’ve learnt, I’m never going to buy a book unless I don’t understand anything till half the semester is over.

To satisfy the Delhi Police, our college has made this artificial layer to protect students by calling specific teachers “mentors”. So as a formality, the first 12 people on the list were called to meet their mentor. We had to share any problems we had and everyone agreed that the only thing that needs change is our Calculus teacher. I just don’t like his accent; others his teaching.

We’ve not done anything very productive this week except networking with students in other courses, for obvious reasons.