Not the television series. My cell phone!

I got up at 7:25, got ready by 8:00 and rushed to college. 503 to IIT Gate -> 764 to Nehru Place -> RTV to Kalkaji Depot and my college. I had my phone all the way and noticed something was missing when I got out of the RTV. My phone was missing and more importantly the SIM card inside it.

The whole world uses pre-paid connections and you cannot call the post-paid service customer care centre from any of those. When I tried using a Hutch connection to try calling them, I got connected to the 121 service and the call lasted only very momentarily. 2nd attempt, same thing. 3rd attempt, the same thing…

Thankfully, I was using the 1110 for the past few days after I discovered that my other phone’s battery may explode. It never really struck me to switch the batteries as both of them used the same BLC-5. Now I’m happy I didn’t. What I was more worried about was my post-paid connection being misused. The thing had just about every service activated including STD and ISD.

I came home, found the number of a Nodal Officer from Airtel’s website and got her to de-activate my SIM card. During this time between 8:45 - 4:30, a lot of people had already received calls from my number and all of them had called home and left a message(reporting what they heard) on the answering machine. Now that I’ve blocked my card, I think I’ll switch back to the good old prepaid connection. I still prefer to choose Airtel over Voda-Hutch simply because everyone I know uses Airtel and call rates would therefore be cheaper.

Were my parents angry? Of course, they were. But since they’ve cooled down now, let’s go and watch Transformers, shall we?