Freshers' Party + The Simpsons Movie

Woohoo! is all I can say.

With a fever still at 100 and a bad cough, going to the college would have been normally out of question. I went because I wouldn’t have felt any better sitting at home. When I reached the college at 10:00 AM, I wasn’t alone. Priyanka, Anurag and Amit were in the canteen waiting for a few more girls before they went off to Ansal Plaza missing the freshers’ party.

I don’t really like to go to a place with no aim, and window shopping isn’t exactly an aim. So they went to Ansal Plaza and we stayed back(Manu, Chaitanya and me; whole lot of others but don’t remember their names). This freshers’ party was like any school farewell. There were only two titles: Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher. Round 1 was self introduction in any language with my name being the first on the list. 30 seconds was all we got to talk about ourselves, our achievements and aspirations. A little less time but I was generally satisfied that I said a lot more in those 30 seconds than others. I was really happy I had not qualified for the next round where we had to mimic some famous actor. I’ve probably watched 5-6 bollywood movies till now, and just cannot mimic Amitabh Bachchan’s famous “Tere paas kya hai?” dialogue. The third round was basically a question and answer round, where people had to answer questions like “How do you lift an elephant with one hand?”. Really stupid, Class 2 material.

Manu became Mr. Fresher, Parul became Miss Fresher. So in all, a really pathetic result. There’s one thing we learnt, never ask Manu to sing Punk Rock. He makes Green Day look like the Backstreet Boys. The party was fairly decent, well organised and certainly not a sausage fest.

After that we had refreshments, music and dance(didn’t wait, had to run to Satyam).

Reached Satyam. Tickets for Rs. 175(not worth it, will never go to Satyam again).

9/10 for the movie. 2/10 for the theatre. The movie should have got a PG-13(U/A is India’s equivalent) rating and nothing less. When the movie began, I thought there was some hidden button on our seats to adjust the pin-cushion; what was being projected just looked weird. The screen is better at PVR. The ambience and seats at PVR are much much better. If it hadn’t been the Simpsons Movie, I would have felt really cheated. It was really good. For those American Idiots who’ve posted bad reviews all over the internet don’t even seem to have seen the movie.

May I advise rich dudes wanting to show off their Jockey underwear to walk on the roads instead of trying to act gay at the theatre. Seriously, that’s how some people came dressed at the theatre. Some in their pajamas and some in underwear.