Missing college isn't fun

Missing college isn't fun

Today was the assignment submission deadline. I had completed the Binary System assignment on Monday. I didn’t go to college today as I was down with 102.2 fever and had fainted just as soon I got up in the morning. Took me sometime to stabilize, and people at home are worried it’s an early sign of spondylitis.

A strict exercise regime is what the doctor ordered along with iron supplement capsules for 3 months. The temperature has come down a little now and I’m avoiding college tomorrow. If things happen as I want them too, I’ll be up and ready for the Fresher’s Party on Saturday(as of now it’s at RPM after college). I’ll also try to locate my assignment which has been circulating since Monday. It’s definitely not with someone I know.

I’ve got some 16 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours, and I’ve got nothing to do other than re-watch the complete Season 18 of The Simpsons. I’ve never watched The Family Guy, and that’s currently on my list of DVDs to watch this weekend.

In case you’re bored too, you may like to read this iPhone vs. HTC Touch review. The HTC Touch bothers me because it’s really cluttered. But for Windows users who love to clutter their desktops with Gadgets(the ones that are permanently in view), this thing is the best choice. Features-wise the Touch wins because it is highly extensible while interface-wise the iPhone wins. It’s a video review so make sure you switch Azureus off temporarily.

It’s time now for me to transfer the complete U2 collection to my iPod mini, as it’s the time of the year when I go in search for music that I haven’t already heard. It’s actually worth it because there’s a lot of research that’s involved I’ve get to catch up on all what I’ve missed in the last two years. Wikipedia and the iTunes Store are a great combination. Now you can see iTunes DRM Free music coming up on LimeWire which is really good for people who cannot afford to pay for everything. I’ve bought a lot of music, but I like to get it free when I’m going to keep it on my playlist only for a short while. The iTunes Store music sound quality is amazing. I’m willing to pay just for that.