Thomas and Finney

In the morning we had our Discrete Structures class taken by Ms. Rakhi Saxena, where we were working with Truth Tables and Tautological Implications. All the related junk we studied in school is completely obsolete. The same DNF and CNF forms are there but it turns out that we were using only a short cut method to get these boolean expressions which we call Logical Formulas now. This 100 page portion of the subject is really irritating and even our lecturer wants to get over with it fast.

Next we had our lab periods where we were supposed to learn HTML. What they’re teaching here is basically just what they taught us in Class 7. I’m really surprised that retention levels are so low and out of 40 odd students only 3 people have heard of Tim Berners-Lee. I remained in the lab only because of the temperature difference.

After the lab period ended we had to attend Mr. LN’s class. He’s preparing us for Paper 105 which consists of Calculus, more Calculus and a lot more Calculus. Again the fundamental difference is that to get a solution to a question we’ve got to use a lot more steps. It’s very confusing and most people who avoided opening Thomas and Finney’s Calculus suffered a lot today. That includes me, I hadn’t even bought the book. People have mixed opinions about our Calculus teacher, a large majority(that I am not part of) think he shouldn’t continue as our teacher. Heck, I understood more about functions and their graphs in 15 minutes with him than I did in 2 years with my maths teachers at school.

We’ve formed a group(Manu, Kunaal and me) that reaches class exactly 15 minutes after the Calculus period starts. It isn’t our fault exactly, they should have given us 15 minutes to visit the canteen so that we can rejuvenate. The food there is excellent, nothing floats in oil or dalda and we even get a receipt for what we buy there. Today’s menu had Rajma Chaawal and Puri Sabji. As always, we go dutch and try everything.

I keep forgetting that we’re following a semester system and that our mid semester exams are just 5 weeks away. I remembered today and I think now is the right time to open the Calculus book which I just bought from Arora. It’s assignment submission time next week and I need to finish the Limits(in Sequences) chapter today. If I don’t feel up to it, I think I’ll just take Priyanka’s notebook tomorrow.