Monday is the first worst day of the week

Not very many people like to get up at 7:00 in the morning to go for work or to school. I am no different.

Like all colleges under the University of Delhi, my college has variable timings. Mondays and Saturdays are a complete waste but it is still so important for us to be in college on these days. Since I don’t include practical periods as part of study time I, effectively, have only 1 period to attend on these two days.

Attendance is what everyone is scared about. In all the semester exams, 5 marks are reserved for attendance which students will fail to get if they do not have 85% attendance in individual subjects. That’s the saddest part. One thing I definitely miss about school. Attendance is religiously taken in every period and it’s horrific to see the sadistic pleasure teachers get when they kick people out of class and mark them absent. Proxy attendance is a virtually impossible now.

Labs were finally open and the computers were all in order with Windows Vista Home Basic installed. Today was therefore the “Hello World” day. We compiled our first java programs in college today and people who’ve gone nowhere close to a computer before were absolutely thrilled. We were alloted computers which we will be using for the entire semester and since the guy before me was absent, the computer alloted to me was the one next to the air conditioner. We have a long list of programs, which looks like a replica of the list of programs we had to complete in the first month of class 11. All the sequence and series stuff which is just too easy. We finished 6 programs in half an hour and called it a day as we had to leave some for the future lab periods. The rest of the time we were trying to get the network working to start Counter Strike on LAN. It was fun to see that no matter what we did, the network cards did not detect the cables we plugged in. The router was on and the firewalls were off but we still couldn’t go any further to fix the LAN.

I am only worried about how we’re going to spend six hours in the labs during our practical exams. It’s going to give me a nervous breakdown.

Now, isn’t tomorrow Monday too?