Day 4 at DU

Day 4 at DU Something went wrong today. Either I got up on the wrong side of the bed or I spent too much time with Harry Potter. Or maybe both.

My day began at 6:30. I was ready by 7 and was to reach college by 8:45. Since I’ve always reached 30 minutes before classes start, today I decided to to leave only at 8:00 instead of 7:30.  The bus I take is the 511 from IIT, which takes me directly to my college in Kalkaji.  It takes no more than 20 minutes to reach so giving myself an additional 10 minutes I decided to start at 7:50. After class 12 most students are used to sleeping for 4 hours. I am one of those students and for the first time in 2 years, I had felt it wasn’t enough. So if you guessed correctly I was happily sleeping and at 8:10, the TV woke me up as I had accidently set the timer.

I ran to the Hauz Khas bus terminal, took the first bus to IIT, caught the 764 and took an RTV to Kalkaji Depot. From there I ran as fast as I could to reach college on time because professors and teachers do not let students into the class after they start. When it comes to classes and bunking these guys are worse than all schools. So if that teacher takes two periods, I cannot attend both classes and I lose my attendance for two periods.

I ran faster than I ever have because the period was going to start just then. When I reached college, I saw that I was the only one there. After going around the college for a while, I found out that our Discrete Structures class was suspended this week. I somehow couldn’t remember when they informed us.

I had two hours of time to do what I had planned to do since the very first day. I had to have a chat with our Principal and Dr. Arijit Singh(Physics HOD but very tech savvy, Mr. Avneesh should watch out) about our college’s website. It is currently maintained by some company which is probably charging the college Rs. 20000(if not more) a month. So I did have quite a long conversation with them and we’ve decided to take this further in the next month or so. I’ll be displaying a presentation of the website I plan to make on 30th July(a day before my B'Day) in the Web Facilitation Centre. Chat over.

Soon after, everyone arrived and it was time for the lab period which remained suspended, as Mr. Avneesh seems to have lost the power cords. After the Calculus class following the Lab period, it was time to go home. I usually take the 511 to IIT Gate but the new driver in the Blue Line bus I was on didn’t think IIT was where we had to go and we were going past LSR college soon. Finally I got off at Andrews Ganj and took a 507 from South Extension. Ankit, I agree with you now. Bluelines suck!

Today was a really hectic day, and everything been going wrong. So my dear friends, I think I may need to get some sleep(more than 4 hours obviously) so that I have a better day tomorrow. Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows on the same day! Midland is awesome, they’ve stocked 1500 copies out of which 1000 have been pre-ordered. I’ll be in the queue at 6:30 AM tomorrow and be out with my copy in a couple of hours.  Will probably miss the first college Saturday too as I have some tickets to the 1:10 show of OotP.