Day 3 at DU

We had three lab periods. There were 60 new Core 2 Duo computers replacing 60 old PIII computers. I think investing so much on computers is such a big waste, specially when all Mr. Avneesh knows how to do is find the definition of VIRUS and the only work we have is compiling the Java programs on JDK.

Anyway, they were removing the PCs from their boxes and we got 3 free periods. We asked the teacher who takes the Java theory class to come earlier. She did and we were free by 2:00PM. We took the M13 to Andrew’s Ganj and went to Ansal for some पेट पूजा. We then went to the South Extension bus stop where each of us took buses to our respective homes.

A couple of friends asked me whether we’ve gone any beyond bird watching. Yes and no would be the correct answer. Unfortunately, nothing can be discussed here.

I downloaded JDK which is completely useless. Eclipse is much better. I don’t know about any other college but the teachers and students here haven’t heard about Eclipse which is a beautiful development platform for Java. It’s open source and has amazing support for JSP development too.