Day 2 in DU

We’re what they call freshers. But with a difference. Made some new friends, they’re all planning to study for the entrance exams next year while studying for Computer Science Hons. I wasn’t too sure of the faculty till yesterday because we did not have any classes and they weren’t the smart computer science type of people I expected.

Today they seemed a lot different. Classes started and we’ve already 16 books that we need to issue and photocopy.

Having a chat with Varenya, I made up my mind and have decided to go and buy the books because our college doesn’t issue books before the mid-sem or semester exams. The library is under renovation and our principal keeps talking about how inefficient the PWD is. If you ask me, they were doing things much faster than they usually would.

I’m just a little worried about this college. Everybody is just too strict for this to be called a college. Let us hope things change with time. Thankfully they have decent computer labs with 60 Core 2 Duos. They’ve got 200 computers, 30 which students can use at any time of the day to access the internet and take printouts.

Nothing can go wrong here because we can login only with our individual accounts and all websites visited are cached on to PDF files which cannot be deleted. That’s excellent because people would have to wait ages for people to logout from their Orkut accounts. The internet is fast, people downloaded the JDK(the offline 65 MB installation file) in some 5 minutes or so.

They’ve got DVD burners if you want to save the stuff you had left on Azureus the previous day. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense to have DVD writers on all computers in the web facilitation centre where people use emails to download documents and send them. The college LAN is well connected and far better than what I had expected from a government sponsored college in India.

I also discovered that our college is into all extra-curricular activities other than sports and has achieved a lot in the past years in the DU fest. They organise competitions in our college and I’m planning to put my letter suggesting some new events which will take advantage of the 200 computers which are fully functional. Confirmed that from the lab assistants. I also discovered that Mr. Avneesh knows the meaning of VIRUS.