Acharya Narendra Dev College

Acharya Narendra Dev College

I was eligible to apply for the Honours Programme of my choice at College of Vocational Studies, Acharya Narendra Dev College and Deen Dayal College. Since Deen Dayal is quite far off, I chose not to go there. CVS has great campus surroundings, very neat and clean, unlike Delhi.  But since looks can be deceiving I made sure I go in and see whether it’s worth spending three years of mine there. The college had only two lecturers for the BSc. Hons. Computer Science course, both of whom had no great qualifications. Also, the first impression I had of the Principal of CVS was bad with some heated arguments and him shouting at me.

The main reason I left the college immediately was because of the Prinicipal. A person like him, who cannot keep his cool even for 10 minutes is not worth being the principal of the college I study in. Further, the college had not got anything organised and every second moment people were running around with the DU Admission Brochure which the Principal dismissed saying it had inaccurate information. If you call up any other college, they follow the University Norms, Rules and Regulations and if CVS chooses to go against the University it shouldn’t be affiliated to it in any way.

So I immediately headed to ANDC where the atmosphere changed completely. As soon as I entered the gate, people were ready to help. They told me where I should go, where the staff room is and where I may get my queries answered. I was again eligible and unlike CVS everyone did not have a different opinion about that. Before I could take admission into the college, I went to the Computer Lab 1(They have 3 labs) where the teachers certainly looked more energetic and lively. After opening their brochure I found out they were well qualified too, all eight of them. The first impression was a good impression.

After completing all the formalities, paying the fees and meeting the Principal(who turns out to be the kind of person whom students can freely interact with but at the same time a no-nonsense person) I got admission into ANDC. So far, so good.

I’ll get my Delhi University ID on July 16th when the term starts and like any engineering course I’ll be following a semester system the only difference being that instead of four years with 8 semesters it will be 3 years with 6 semesters. I was getting an offer from Manipal for their international education programme and am currently also eligible in all of the 40 odd colleges in Haryana with my AIEEE score. But I rejected both the options as I’ve always known that for foreign studies, a recognised and long established university will give me more credit than anything else. If it were IIT instead of Manipal, I might not have said no. DU is as good as all the NITs(if not much much much better).

I’m just hoping that all universities in the US start accepting GRE scores (as per the recommendation by their government) after 15 years of schooling itself. Else, I’ll have to complete an MSc. or MTech.