The Correct Order

What do you get with when you bundle the Google AJAX Feed API and a script coded by a student studying the subject he loves?


What is LinkedList? It hasn’t got anything to do with the Linked Lists you studied in 12th grade. You already know that, don’t you? So let’s get to the point.

The BlogConnect list you see on the sidebar is different starting from today. For the past few months I had placed it in alphabetical order. It didn’t always seem right and I knew blogs on top were getting more attention than the rest. What you see now is a BlogConnect list which is updated automatically, just as soon as you update your blog. It’s listed in the descending order of the date of the last published content.

So if you’ve posted something on your blog today and nobody else did, you’re blog will be listed right on top. It should have been like this from day one and better late than never, it is from today. It’s really easy to publish this on your blog/website(Blogspot included).