If you use a Mac or Linux, you can't pay your taxes

If you switched to a Mac recently and disposed of your PC, you’ll really be missing your PC if you want to pay your taxes. If you’ve come searching for a solution here through Google(or Yahoo, though very unlikely), I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

For the regular readers who use PCs(not including users of Linux), here’s one reason they’re blessed. You can pay your taxes online without taking the hassle to go to the tax office and see what’s wrong. If you’re a Mac user, I’ve got a solution for you. If you use Linux, bad for you!

When you try paying your house tax through MCD’s website you are directed to a page where you’ve got to fill in a hundred text fields. You’ve also got to make sure it’s all right so that these guys can’t penalize you. After you do all that, you go to the next page where you’ve again got to fill in a whole lot of other details. After this page, everything should be over and you should be getting an option to use your credit card to pay your house tax.

But what you end up seeing is “Invalid Input”. Now when you know the rest of the world was able to pay their taxes online and you are the exception, you’re bound to be mad. Unless of course, I come to the rescue and help you install the Mac version of Internet Explorer which is no longer available on the Microsoft website because Microsoft itself recommends that you use Safari.

Download Internet Explorer for 5.2.3 for Mac from my server by clicking right here. If you use KDE or Gnome or any other Linux shell you should go and complain to the authorities who really don’t care about you. Here’s another reason you should make sure you’re website works with Safari and Firefox. Even though 70%(or maybe much more) of the world uses IE, the remaining 30% isn’t a small number. They’re probably more aware about security and other issues IE has which is the reason they use another browser.