Akshardham Food

Give the people who cook your food at home a break and enjoy food at the amazing food court at Akshardham Temple, Delhi. It’s one amazing place where you get all kinds of Indian fast food.

Poori Sabji(Aloo is the sabji), Pav Bhaji, Thepla Dahi(Gujrati style of paranthas), Parantha Dahi(this and the previous one are different), Dosas, Idlis, Lassis, Milk Shakes, Ice-Creams, Chaat, Bhel and all the junk you find at Evergreen(which happens to be a very famous fast food restaurant in the market opposite my house in Green Park), only this time it doesn’t have all the dalda.

The food is like your home-cooked food, with moderate oil and only so heavy that you can have three lassis along with your meal. Akshardham is the kind of place where you can have meals all seven days of the week without putting too much unwanted pressure on your intestines and stomach.

Since the temple is Gujrati by origin, most of the food you’ll enjoy there is what people enjoy in Gujrat. The ambiance is good, the people are more discipline and the food has no soda(and dalda). Mobile phones aren’t allowed, nor are cameras. Though many people complain, I think the same should be done in all places of worship(whether you’re an atheist or not).

It’s not only a security issue but everybody feels more comfortable too. You wont be asked to move every moment so that someone can take a photograph. If you desperately want a photograph, you can very well pay for it and get an instant snap taken by the people at Akshardham.

You don’t need to believe in god to enter the premises. But make sure you don’t wear a burkha or lungi, they’re a big no-no. You obviously can’t chew paan, or smoke cigarettes. The guards don’t look close to being aggressive but when given a chance they’d love to show their power, like I saw today. People actually clapped for the guard who did his job well.

The often quoted example of dog-owners cleaning dog crap in countries abroad is worth quoting again. But then there’s Google to help you if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Update: Forgot to include Poori Chhole in the list, maybe because I’ve gotten so bored of it.