Target IIT...Target DCE...Destination DU

In a class where everybody was studying for the JEE rather than for the CBSE Board exams, it turns out(which is expected) few have made it. When we entered Class XI, everyone used to talk about how AIEEE sucks and that you get sent to NITs in some odd corner of the country. At this stage, many people are willing to do anything to get there.

My aim was never IIT, it never will be(Hmm…MTech?). I was expecting a very good percentage in my boards and there were many others who weren’t…I just hate anti-climaxes. My last option now, Delhi Univ. My dad went to Hansraj, mom to LSR and I….? Let’s just wait and watch. Since the Delhi Univ certificate doesn’t mention which college you go to and since you’ve got to study yourself anyway I’ll be happy to go anywhere I get the course of my choice(But I prefer to limit myself to the North Campus since I love those metro rides).

That pretty much explains everything.

Two of my buddies(Suraj & Nipun) in class cleared JEE, and have most probably got what they want in DCE.