Enjoying myself

Went to St. Stephens to submit my application forms along with friends. From there we were heading to Central Secretariat to go back home when we suddenly thought of getting of at Connaught Place. Hadn’t been there for almost two years and when we walked out it was as if we hadn’t missed anything.

Just like most places in India, Connaught Place hadn’t changed. The subway was stinking, the beggars looked as happy as they were earlier and Keventers still sold the best milk shakes. We weren’t supposed to enter McDonald’s with our Keventers Ice Cream shakes as eatables and drinkables from outside were prohibited. So we roamed around the market for a while till our ice cream became drinkable and as soon as we finished our shakes we junked the glasses(in a dustbin, thought we found it quite hard to find one).

We started walking towards McDonald’s when a guy+girl hybrid(sixer) held on to Raul’s bag and the rest of us split into different directions to save ourselves. Raul gave that it a whack and ran into McDonald’s, where we(Nitin, Abhilash and me) met him after two minutes coming from different directions.

I don’t know how but somehow we’d managed to take picture of the incident too. Too disgusting for us to share though. We then found someone(guy) from our school with someone from the school opposite ours(Loreto). He hadn’t expected to see us and was cursing us from the moment we got there. Nitin started mumbling something and he just felt worse.

We placed our order and finished our meal and went in own ways to reach home.

I opened the fridge and finished a bottle of Pepsi that had been kept for a couple of kids who were coming with some guests whom I’d never met before. Seeing the empty bottle, tempers were rising and I rushed to the Green Park market to buy a new bottle of Pepsi.

I then watched X-Men. Yesterday I watched X2. Today I watched X3. Again I had’t missed much. The movie industry has progressed a lot since my dad went to London and recorded the BBC premiere of Star Wars. The CGI, graphics and everything seems so good now.

Among all superheroes, I like the X-Men and Spiderman the best because they actually have weaknesses. With Superman, you just have to somehow introduce Kryptonite into each movie. That’s his only weakness. And that’s probably the reason the next Superman movie is going to be a whole lot different. In Superman Returns we see Superman’s kid(and Lois Lane’s) which is kind of funny and also explains why Lois Lane wrote the book “I spent the night with Superman” in the movie.