Delhi University Pre-Admission Forms

Visted Gargi College yesterday to collect the PAF as it was the information centre closest to my house. The college was full of student volunteers and people from Hindustan Times. HT was giving away free copies of the extra newspapers they couldn’t sell on Sunday. Brilliant!

As for collecting the form, the process was simple and since I had reached half an hour earlier, I didn’t have to stand in the queue which dragged on till outside the college when I left. It took me 45 minutes to get the form and reach home. I bought two(one for luck or if I messed up the other) forms which cost me Rs.60.

The new form is really easy to fill and those who are complaining in front of the media are just evil aliens from one of the least intelligent planets. The way they look at people bugs me out. It’s as if they could eat you if you stood next to them. Terrible!

Visited Deshbandhu College today to buy their prospectus where I was being advices to buy and not to buy it by two different people from the same college who ended up arguing with each other. Didn’t expect that to happen, and I did a smart thing by moving to the next counter and purchasing one anyway(Please note: Anyway, NOT anyways).

Visited CVS next and found the gates locked to outsiders. Dropped the idea of going to ARSD and SVC today as I was drenched in sweat by then. Hansraj and Kirori Mal have free online admissions, which really saves us a lot of difficulties. is making money from students trying to apply online for Hansraj when the same procedure can be completed for free on

Things I’ve learnt:

  1. India is full of people trying to fool other people.
  2. Don’t trust the Indian media.
  3. Mac OS and Windows as just about as shitty or useful as each other.