revieware v3

Yes, revieware is going to expire soon. I’ve already got a sell offer of $3000. Shocked? Even I was…just $3000? Not enough.

Since the website has been getting a lot of visitors recently and emails coming in have suggested that revieware can be lot better if it were easier to use, I planned to give it a brand new look.

Since this version of revieware is all about the experience, I wont show the public any screenshots on this blog. Go there(revieware) yourself and use the account you created last time to post something. You can register if you already haven’t.

As for that $3000 offer, it was a ridiculous piece of my imagination. Will I probably sell revieware for $3000 if someone mad enough ever comes to buy it? Hell, No! That’s my first website and it’s going to stay there for a long time from now.