Shit Happens!

That’s going to be my instant messenger text for the month. No words can explain well enough the shock I got when I opened my web browser pointing to CBSE’s website on Friday. The news has obviously spread very fast since as I’ve received dozens of SMSes about my result.

I lost the bet I had with Amlan 2 years back. He advised me to study for the entrance exams as thought the CBSE would never give you the true result. I thought he was wrong. Interestingly, I was wrong!

It turns out that I’ve got the lowest in English in my school. My English may be bad but not nearly as bad as those who’ve done well in the boards. Let’s hope re-evaluation helps.

Exams are the last thing I want to discuss at this moment and I’m going to be spending the next whole month doing something worthwhile (by not writing any more exams).