IP CET 2007

The biggest headache was not writing the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University CET 2007 exam, but actually finding the place where I had to write the exam. The centre allocated to me was Guru Premsukh Memorial College of Engineering which was in some place called Budhpur Village on the GT Karnal Road.

Started from home at 12:00 because I didn’t want to take the risk of not reaching my destination on time. It turned out that I reached an hour earlier than what was required and was among the first few students there. Interestingly, everyone I met there turned out to be some Abhishek or another.

At 1:50 when the gates were opened so that we may enter the college for our exam, I ran along with the rest of the people trying to search for room 66A where I had to sit for the exam. There were maps stuck on walls all over the place but none of them were really very helpful. Once I reached room 66A, I found my seat and saw that I was sitting in on the second last seat on the 1st row from the left. There was no fan above my head(and five other unlucky people around me) and that was actually the first time I’d thought about why my name couldn’t have been something else…

So I entered the hall with a fever(102 on the Fahrenheit scale) and came out being thankful that Combiflam was available so easily without the doctor’s prescription in India. That little oval tablet worked like Hermione’s magic and I had spent 2.5 hours without thinking about anything but the Question Paper in front of me. I wish I had sneaked a digital camera in so that I could have taken a snap of the pathetic state of that college. Anyone who would have seen that snap would swear not to enter that college for whatever reasons ever.

The 150 questions of the paper were mostly easy. I don’t find many people saying AMEN though.

On 27th, I have to head to the Faculties of Arts and Commerce, DU for the CEE 2007 which I’m sure will be much better. That’s where my mom completed her MCA(the first batch in DU). The most unfortunate thing for me is that I’ve got relatives who’ve always topped exams in school, graduation and post-grad. That makes everybody think that it should naturally be in my genes to top some of the exams I’m giving now.

Also, I’ve found some very good news about the updated Macbooks. On forums, I read that the GMA 950(only on the new ones) can use up to 128MB of main memory as shared GPU memory on Windows, which is also the reason Windows Vista runs almost flawlessly on them. On Intel’s whitepaper for the 950GMA, I read that it is capable of using even 224MB of memory. For some odd reason, Apple and Mac OS limit this amount to 64MB, though XP and Vista increase that limit by another 64MB. Since the main applications I use are Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver this new Macbook should be sufficient for everything I do and more. Though I’m still worried about Santo Rosa being introduced just after I buy it. When you read about Santa Rosa, you continue reading about Montevina and you’re just tempted to click on the SSE4 link. After you do that, you start wondering whether there is ever going to be a day when you can buy a future-ready computer. And the ready answer would always be a glaring NO!

Now before that fever comes back I’d better get back to that bed near me.