IIT loves Google

See that little bar over the Gmail logo? Most people don’t seem to have noticed that Google merely increased the size of a bar that had already existed in the Gmail interface. They’ve removed the blue background colour to improve readability. I wrote this because 3 people have already had a chat with me telling me how awesome Google’s new services bar is, all of them being under the impression that it never existed before today.

While I had a short conversation with Shivaas(friend, ex-Matrix president), we were talking about the pathetic internet connections in IIT. All IITs have got a 2mbps leased line split to 500 rooms. That’s a speed worse than dial-up(for most). That also answered the question as to why most students in IIT use Gmail. The plain answer is that the only email service that provides a BASIC HTML VERSION is Gmail.

If there ever is a Gmail.in, Google should make a cosmetic change to the simple version’s button so that it reads: Plain HTML Version(Tested and Approved by IITs).

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