Apple Computer -> Apple

A transition well executed. I had been wanting to post this ever since Apple dropped “Computer” from it’s name. After they’ve sold more iPods than Macs, this is just an excellent decision by Apple. For the first time, Macworld Expo was used by Apple not to release a Mac product, but a consumer electronic device, the over-hyped iPhone. Apart from Apple saying it uses a simplified version of OS X, there was more iPod inside the iPhone than a Mac. Sure, Mac owners were upset that there were no new MacBook Pros with a new form factor, but Apple only did what they had almost always expected.

With the iPhone, Apple had a legal battle to fight with Cisco, which had already got itself the right to scream at anyone using the name “iPhone”. So interestingly the battle resulted in an agreement to use the name jointly. With the Mac Pro being released with the same body as that of the PowerMac G5, it is but obvious that Macs are not longer the centre of attraction for the innovative “computer” company.

I think, Macworld Expo should and will be given a new name. Final Cut Studio 2 is now ready, and a product demonstration at the Expo wouldn’t have hurt any of us. They would have in fact faced less criticism if they shown us a sneak peek at FCS2.