Microsoft Silverlight

When Microsoft begins to feel the heat as Web 1.0 slowly completely transitions to Web 2.0, it has released Microsoft Silverlight. It’s a quality Microsoft has always had because of it’s monopoly on the operating system market. Soon, it will be shipped with Windows Vista and IE7 and will replace Flash Player completely, just as it successfully stopped Netscape’s early growth with Internet Explorer Mosaic.

Currently only the developer CTP is available on Microsoft’s Website, and is something I don’t plan to download until it’s tested completely by other developers. Last time the result of installing Microsoft’s Expression Web Beta resulted in a system crash. I certainly don’t want Mac OS to crash at this point of time when everything seems so stable and perfect(a term unknown to Windows users, again because of Microsoft’s monopoly).

Why because of monopoly?

If the different OSes were evenly distributed among the users, Microsoft wouldn’t be facing as many problems now.