Internet projects

My intentions are clear. GamerLIVE is not just another website of mine. I’ve monitored every minute detail of it’s script, statistics and the number of visitors. I can proudly use the Maggi Tomato Ketchup slogan: It’s different. The number of visitors I’ve got in the last two days are far more than the number I got when I started revieware. According to the media, Microsoft selling more copies of Vista than XP in their respective first few months after release, is only because there are more computers now than then. If there are more computers now, there are definitely more users on the internet and therefore more users during the first few days after starting GamerLIVE. So that’s something I can be crying about.

But no, as I stated earlier and state again, the internet is not for morons(I was one, I admit) who think websites have to be successful from the very beginning to be successful at all. It’s content that matters.

revieware hasn’t got much attention(sadly) recently and it continues to get visitors only because of the links I manually placed in places like Wikipedia and Digg. 90% of it’s visitors are from United States and Europe. 1% from India. On 400 unique visitors I get every day, only 4 are from India. That’s how much importance the link to revieware has got on my site. But that is mainly also because I never tried to optimise it for a search engines, which has now become a business blooming faster than the Indian real estate business.

Payperpost, as you may have noticed, is adding some dollars into my PayPal account. Guess what? I am not saving it for any MacBook Pro, it’s going to be used for advertising my websites. I’ve realised over the past few years, that if ever I could work passionately, it would be something to do with the internet, which has been with me ever since I placed my hands on my first computer in Class 5. Time has passed, and I’ve learnt a lot since then.

I started my blog as a place where people could get to know me by what I write. Orkut, Hi5 are full of such people. My ideas on Blogging have changed since then, and the only reason I continue to write on this blog is because I write it for myself. Another reason is ofcourse that twenty years hence, I can look at the archives and see what I complained about and know how I have changed.