This is a really good website for those people who lost a copy of the piece of software they’ve used all their lives. I don’t whether Borland supports this, but the most popular version of Turbo C++(version 3.0) is available here as a free download. On Borland’s own website you can only find version 1.0 which is very not compatible with the code we learn with our Sumita Arora textbooks.

I was quite surprised by Vetusware and the content it hosts, which could be mostly illegal. You can download Windows 1.1 and Microsoft Office 4 for free. Not many users will use it but for companies who don’t care about GUIs and rely mainly just on typing something, sites like these could be a big pain for the software companies and again most interestingly, for Microsoft.

Oh, and for those who would like to get TC++ 3.0, go here.