Will index all sites’ links after thorough analysis of files stored.

Will allow users to share their savegames, patches and other game files.

Upload limit will be as high as 20MB probably the best any gaming site has given(to anonymous users).

Users need not register.

Posts will be filtered(moderated, files checked for viruses, no obscene screenshots, patches will not be removed because of obscenity)

Users will review content and will play a major role in burying content.

Simple theme with no images at all to be used, only CSS for quick access and no server load.

We can’t get sued because we will read the T&C of all game publishers.

Spam will be filtered automatically with PHP scripts.

Website will be available initially only to a group of testers.

Though I mentioned earlier that I will be releasing it this month, I don’t see it coming out for the public even 3 months from now.