Boards Finally Over!

Finished the paper in 2 hours. I was the first person to walk out of the exam hall. Came home and compiled a the output questions on TC. My answers matched exactly. My friends’ answers didn’t. I am surprised, since I didn’t study pointers and was hoping a question didn’t come. I spent some time meditating(not praying) and finally attempted the question.

Look Familiar?

Sometime this month, I will be making GamerLIVE(the wow start’s now) available for public access. It’s my latest project, where I give gamers what they’ve been crying for on Google groups. A Google just for gamers. I welcome all the help people can give me. I shall be using Drupal again with a my own template, and continuing to do so unless someone has better ideas. Drupal it turns out is the most Search Engine Optimised CMS.

And in my free time I’ll be studying for AIEEE, CEE 2007. The boards are over, but unfortunately not the exams.