Narayana Test

To wake up at 8AM in the morning is a little bit of problem right now because I just can’t get sleep before 3AM. Worse is going and giving these tests at Narayana South Ex which normal students like me are not used to. I managed to score 84/360 without attempting chemistry in the first test, and 96 in the second. I’ll probably get a score below zero in today’s test, because of me trying to use my logic instead of formulae.

There was this guy I saw who was holding this pen-cap with a light which revealed some scientific text earlier invisible. The little device, I found out later, was something part of what is called the Invisible Pen now available at all local stationary shops. Neat!  It’s actually of no use to me since I’m sure I could remember all that I write on my shirt if I read it instead.

All Delhi student bloggers have gone on hibernation, with the upcoming entrance examinations of the leading engineering institutes and colleges throughout India. AIEEE is going to be the biggest exam for me, as it’s score is what most colleges in India ask for.

If I am to believe that a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, Chemistry is going to kill me soon. If you’ve gone through the instruction booklet of DAIICT and Manipal University carefully you’ll see stated that we are required to study Chemistry in Class 11 and 12 for being eligible for admission. Saying that is almost useless because the AIEEE and UGET(Manipal’s own money making scheme) have Chemistry as part of the exam. Our scores in the two exams will be what helps us get through to the two colleges. And Chemistry can obviously not be avoided.

I remember someone asking me what I would remove from this world I were given the option. Now I can confidently give the answer I earlier wasn’t really sure of: Chemistry!