Google PageRank, I always thought has not been a great destination for web traffic. When I looked at my Google Analytics account, I saw a significant rise in the number of unique views since December. From an average of 20 unique views in December, it has risen to a great 130 unique views per day. In December when I had checked my PageRank, it showed me a disappointing zero. Now a check brought it up to 2. Whoah!

That’s a significant rise, and the subdomain continues to have a zero PageRank, which is why I have decided to relocate my blog to the root of my domain,

It is my view that these constant changes in my blog’s URL has been a big pain in the neck for regular visitors but on a brighter note visitors will no longer have to type as long a URL to reach my blog. I would recommend people who have subscribed to my Blog’s RSS Feed to change the link to the new one on the sidebar(on the left).

Thanks for Visiting. Please comment on the current template, that’s a tweaked version of this.