Skype - Still the best?

I suddenly felt like having a chat with a few relatives abroad. So starting with Yahoo Messenger, I share my experience.

Yahoo MSGR talk has been displaying a silly error: Network Unreachable.

When I try using MSN, I can either hear my family on the other side of the globe speak or can they hear me. It’s only either of the two.

With Google Talk, I get a good voice connection but no video. Good to see that their products’ features do the job they are supposed to be. The power of Beta- making the world test their software without taking any responsibility if anything goes wrong.

With Skype, I am able to speak with a dialup connection and video-chat with broadband. Featuring no signal breaks, and no MTNL-Noise™. Skype doesn’t display errors like: The person at the other end may be using another version of Yahoo “never inter-compatible” Messenger.

Doesn’t Yahoo know well that people are not going to waste time to look at their new highly sophisticated messenger when the existing messenger is as highly sophisticated.