Saying farewell to my alma mater

Interesting(and funny) speeches by XII students, memento distribution, admit card collection and whole lot of fun(including the most important thing we’re born for, eating). It’s weird as even today I feel just as though I entered the school yesterday even though my association with the school has been since mid 1995, when I got admission into the school where many of my relatives had already studied. One more batch of Marians(what students of MSM call themselves) have left the school.

Bunking classes, interesting conversations with teachers and doing all the things-you-are-not-supposed-to do was fun in MSM, because breaking rules cannot be fun when you don’t have them.

Today’s another day, tomorrow’s another one and memories are all that matter in life. Now all we can think of is making college life as memorable, that is if and when we get in to college.

I’ve uploaded a couple of Farewell snaps to Yahoo! Flickr.