CompSc Board Practical Exam

Our Computer Science HOD had warned us about practical exams earlier. He had said it is quite possible that our external examiner(as in the teacher who comes from another school to examine our potential in the subject’s practical application) may be one who may not give marks so easily, unlike the usual teachers.

If he was being serious, it meant that we had to be prepared for the worst. So there I was being serious all day yesterday, studying Physics and occasionally opening my copy of Sumita Arora when my parents came in to my room to question my level of seriousness.

I was expecting our external examiner being some really-old-frustrated-wants-to-look-cool kind of guy. And when I faced him during my viva it really turned out to be the other way round. He was naturally cool and had immense knowledge about the subject he was teaching.

So here’s how it went.

EE(External Examiner): What’s the topic in CompSc on which I should question you? Me: How about arrays, file handling, linked lists or structures? EE: How about one? Aseem(whispering in my ear): SQL bol yaar! Me: Let’s say SQL. EE: Sure. Lock kardoon? Me: Sure. EE: Given a table with Son, Father as 2 columns. How will you make a selection from the table so that you can display the name of the Son and Grand Father. Me: Okie… EE(to Aseem): What is the difference between an equijoin and natural join? Aseem: I think… Me: Please could I answer Aseem’s question please. EE: I’m fine by that. Me(after creating 2 tables of Bank details): When we select the name from first table and bankname from the second table, that would result in a natural join. With the same selection, if we put a condition like where table1.banknam=table2.bankname, it would result in an equijoin. EE: Fine EE: Why have you used BIOS.H in your project. Me: Well…I think for sounds….oh no…bioskey..yeah…bioskey. EE: Why? Me: So that I can get the ASCII value of a keyboard character. EE: Why is your ASCII value going in thousands when there are only 256 ASCII codes. Me: Hmm… EE: Ok..Call the next two people…

I was happy. Really happy. And my wasting time on revieware has actually done me good. Just recently, I was creating joins through MySQL and hoping the syntax would be similar here, I attempted the question. I confirmed that my answer was correct from my CompSc teacher. I was stunned, so was my teacher. He didn’t expect me to know that since he hadn’t taught us about joins. He said it was only in the Informatics Practices Syllabus.

Now that I’m over with the exam, one less tension with a full 30 in my practical exam from the computer teacher of Ramjas RKP(presumably).