OSX86: The Final Moments

In December, I got this DVD from a friend of mine whom I had given a lot of work before he could burn the DVD to my specifications. And since he is such a good friend of mine, he followed my instructions correctly and gave me the DVD as I needed it. Installed on my computer(using the same DVD) is OS X 10.4.5, but this is quite different from the one I had earlier. This custom compiled DVD incorporates all SSE2 patches the Maxxuss released to let me run OS X on my good old PC(not that it’s really good) with least compatibility issues.

I have done a lot of things in the past one month with OS X and am almost done with it too. Downloads on Azureus, Designs on Photoshop and Sites on Dreamweaver and what not…

The only little problem I faced was my wireless card not functioning with OS X. That is the real reason I am disposing off the partition on which OS X is installed. In case you’re wondering how I downloaded stuff on Azureus without a Wireless, then I should tell you a Wireless Access Point need not be the only way to connect to the internet.

Another reason of course, is that I don’t have enough space to install Zod on my PC. The stupid thing needs 4 GB. The only way I can do anything is to say goodbye to the HFS Partition “MacHD”.

Then why am I having trouble now? Since my board exams are nearer than I had thought, my PC has been shifted to a place where only my Wireless card can work.